Addam Gross PsyD
Licensed Professional Counselor

Intervention and Training


Interventions, when combined with clinical treatment and ongoing recovery programs, have been remarkably successful in arresting addictive disease. Chemical dependency, for example, may not be curable but it is treatable and preventable. Alcoholics and other addicts are usually unable, on their own, to halt the downward spiral of addiction. Denial and fear are factors that make this very challenging. Without professional intervention, families and friends are often the unwitting victims of addiction, and are also unable to halt the painful debilitating spiral of addiction on their own.

Addam Gross LLC will create a recovery team that will motivate and support their loved one in this trying time. After the assembling of the recovery team, education and coaching of the team will occur with planning and staging the intervention for success. The intervention will be facilitated and the loved one will be linked to treatment that same day. Additionally, the client will be monitored and follow-up care will be in place for the addicted loved one and or the recovery team as needed .

Keep in mind, addictions are very often progressive and destructive. Each day is an opportunity for the damage to stop. An addicted loved one does not need to hit rock bottom to seek help, an effective intervention can be effective in stopping the progressive nature of this illness.

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Corporate Training is proven to lower employee turnover while increasing customer satisfaction. This results in increased profitability. The education and training variable is the most significant predictor of an organization's success as compared to price-to-earning ratios, price-to-book statistics, and measures of risk and volatility. 
Addam Gross LLC has over 15 years of corporate training and adult education expertise. His experience includes development, design, and implementation of training initiatives driven from best practices.

Here are some sample workshops that Addam Gross LLC has delivered with great success to many organizations: Conflict resolution, stress management, addressing performance issues, identifying substance abuse in the workplace, workplace violence, sexual harassment, morale building, work life balance, and many more.

Additionally, Addam Gross LLC provides a comprehensive agency assessment, develops customized training curriculum, and delivers focused training and follow up coaching/technical assistance to enhance service delivery for contracted companies. He also assists agencies with program and policy and procedural development. Addam Gross LLC will work with existing management teams to further enhance supervisory and leadership skills to achieve a company's vision.

Some notable consulting experiences include: Cenpatico Behavioral Health (8/04-2/05) to win the Medicaid contracts (estimated value of 300 million dollar contract) for Pinal, Gila, Yuma, and La Paz counties through RFP response to Arizona Department of Health Services. Additionally, Addam Gross LLC was a core team member that authored the winning RFP response for the Maricopa County Medicaid contract in 2000 and again in 2004 (each contract had a estimated worth of 400 million dollars). In all three consultative roles, Addam Gross LLC developed a comprehensive implementation plan to deliver multiple training initiatives to support the progressive changes outlined in each of the RFP proposals.

For more information or for a more detailed listing of experiences, please contact Addam Gross LLC to discuss how he can assist your organization with its training needs.



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